The Dangers of Wildlife: Bison Rams SUV in Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming BisonIt’s common knowledge that wildlife can be unpredictable and dangerous; however, it’s sometimes helpful to share wildlife encounter stories as a reminder.  On February 26th, an SUV was traveling along the north road between the North and Northeast Entrances of Yellowstone National Park (it’s the only road open year-round in Yellowstone).  The SUV was stopped with the engine shut off as a group of bison approached.  One bison continued its approach at a dead run and rammed the SUV causing significant damage.  It does not require much imagination to consider what could happen if such an encounter occurred with a park visitor outside of the vehicle.

The summer season is rapidly approaching, and many of us will be planning a summer adventure in one of America’s numerous national parks.  Please remember that although the wild animals you may see appear to be docile, they are quite unpredictable and can be dangerous.  Never feed wildlife, and do not approach them.  Always maintain a safe viewing distance of 100 yards from bears, and the same is recommended for other large animals such as moose, elk, and bison.  They are large animals, and they can run faster than you (up to 35 miles per hour).  You can read the complete article and view a video of the bison encounter at


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